The Lincoln Leapers Jump Rope team was founded in 1982 as a small elementary school club. At the time, they were the first competitive jump rope team in Canada. Since then, they have grown into one of Canada’s largest and most decorated Canadian teams, with provincial, national and, even, world titles to their credit.

They have a performance team that provides a dynamic and entertaining show. The competitive team practices with two, 2-hour practices weekly and one night of drills. The Lincoln Leapers also provide recreational programs for the community – Little Leapers a ‘learn to jump’ program, and Lincoln Leaper Pre-Competitive which is the next step for those who are skilled but not ready for the competitive team.

The Winona Men’s Club is happy to support the Lincoln Leapers and the work they do in our community. They participate in the Grimsby Benevolent Fund hamper sorting program and local parades, as well as run car washes and community barbecues. The Lincoln Leapers also help run our Ice Cream Truck at the Winona Peach Festival each year.

The future of Jump Rope is exciting. The sport is on the observer list for the Olympics, and so you may one day see a Lincoln Leaper win a Gold Medal for Canada!

Recent Lincoln Leapers Accomplishments

  • Traveled to Alberta to compete nationally. Came home with many medals, records set and top-10 placements
  • 12 athletes travelled to Oslojford, Norway to compete in World of Jump Rope in July, 2019
  • One Lincoln Leaper had the opportunity to compete in the China Open

Leaping into the Limelight

The competitive team is helping raise the profile of their sport, having performed half-time or pre-game shows for the Raptors, the Harlem Globetrotters, and the Honey Badgers and River Lions CEBL teams. The Lincoln Leapers have also appeared on CH Morning Live.