Helping youth and those in need within Winona and surrounding communities

The Winona Men’s Club has been serving the community since 1946, supporting numerous community causes over our almost 75-year history.

In the 1950s, the club negotiated the purchase of 12 acres of prime real estate on Barton Street, just west of Fifty Road which was then transformed into a park, which is now the home of the Winona Peach Festival.

The club opened the first library in the community. Years later, the branch amalgamated with another library and is now located in the Stoney Creek City Hall.

Over the years, the club held a summer-long celebration including the crowning of the Blossom Queen, Cavalcade of Blossoms and a Strawberry Social. In 1967, led by the Winona Men’s Club, the community celebrated Canada’s 100th birthday with a parade, a carnival, and fireworks. The finale was billed the ‘Festival of Fruit.’ The club was so pleased with the success of these celebrations that the Fruit Festival was moved to Winona Park. It was incorporated in 1967 as, you guessed it, the Winona Peach Festival.

The rest, as they say, is history.

But it’s a living history because the club continues to serve the community in countless ways: not only do we run three popular booths at the Peach Festival, we donate over $50,000 a year to organizations that serve the needs of children and youth here at home.

Today, the Winona Men’s Club is welcoming new members as never before.

Meeting for dinner monthly, we present entertaining speakers and participate in lively conversation. Way better than networking, it’s making friends of our neighbours.

Every August, we roll up our sleeves and roll out the welcome mat, inviting people from far and wide to experience the best of what Winona has to offer. The Peach Festival is more than just food, it includes fellowship that leads to life-long friendships.

Whether you’re new here or just want to meet some great new guys, be sure to join the best club in this or any other town!


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We meet the first Wednesday of every month